Sunny-Side Up!

Welcome to Another Broken Egg Cafe!

Welcome to Another Broken Egg Cafe!

Breakfast… These days, one of the most forgotten meals—and no, just coffee doesn’t count. Though really, who has time for it during the frenzy of waking up, brushing teeth, putting on make-up, finding your keys, fighting traffic, stumbling into work, and praying your boss doesn’t notice you’re five minutes late? But whether your day ends up scrambled or not, you can start or end it with Another Broken Egg, and believe me, it’s an egg you’ll want to crack.

Okay, okay. All the puns aside, Another Broken Egg is a restaurant chain that has it roots in southern Louisiana. The egg that started it all (Or was it a chicken? Sorry, couldn’t resist!) was born in Mandeville back in 1994. But you can read the full history on their website ( I’m here to talk about the food!

I went to the Another Broken Egg in Lakeview, located at 607 Harrison Ave. It was my aunt’s birthday, so she, my mom, and I took the morning for a lazy breakfast. I expected to see the typical chain-style restaurant, but this is what I saw:

Grand Presence

Grand Presence

Street View

Street View


Teardrop chandelier

Teardrop chandelier

Instantly, I was charmed. Walking inside was like going into someone’s home. Ornate crown molding lined the walls, the windows sported stained glass, and teardrop chandeliers hung over the guests. People sat at mismatched tables, which gave an informal touch. Others ate at the breakfast bar or on the porch.

But despite the semi-fancy look, the atmosphere was casual. I saw a mom with kids, a group of elderly ladies, and two friends meeting over a good meal. The restaurant really captures the feel of old time New Orleans—back before we ran around like chickens without their heads… (Sorry, there went the chicken jokes again!) Anyway, once you’re in there, you won’t want to rush.

Porch seating.

Porch seating

And that’s before you get a load of the menu—but before I dive in, a public service announcement: dieters, stay at home.

The menu is die-hard southern, and though they specialize in breakfast foods, they also make lunch and dinner options. Whether you’re looking for pastries, omelets, burgers, or seafood, Another Broken Egg has it. I went for the pastries, and the Cinnamon Roll French Toast would make other pastry chefs cry from jealousy. The dish came with three large cinnamon rolls cooked in French toast batter, topped with whipped cream, cream cheese icing, strawberries and blueberries, and Bananas Foster sauce. I never thought to put Bananas Foster sauce on a cinnamon roll, but it made the dish. Mind you, the banana flavor was not overpowering, but rather blended with the other flavors. If you’re in the mood for sweet, go for this option!

What remained of my dish... I was too stuffed for the last one. Sorry, everyone, I was too hungry to take a picture first!

What remained of my dish… I was too stuffed for the last one. Sorry, everyone, I was too hungry to take a picture first!

My mom ordered the Chez B’s omelet, a vegetarian option with bell peppers, onions, Feta and Parmesan cheese, and portabella mushrooms. My aunt ordered the steak and eggs with a side of country potatoes (essentially cubed and fried potatoes). Both were delicious, but one thing really stood out to all of us: neither of their meals was greasy, and that includes the fried potatoes. My mom and I are particularly sensitive to grease, so we’re harsh judges when it comes to that.

Also worth noting, the breakfast/lunch menu has many vegetarian options and even a few gluten-free choices. Just look for the green circle for vegetarian and the orange circle for the gluten-free next to the item. The full menu is on the website.

Stained glass window near side entrance.

Stained glass window near side entrance

Lastly, the menu and hours vary depending on the location, and not all are open at night. This blog is based on the Lakeview location, but there are also ones in Uptown, Mandeville, Shreveport, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. I’ve yet to scope those out, but I’ll be sure to update when I do!

As we called the waitress for the check, my mom looked down at her empty, polished plate and commented, “I wasn’t hungry at all!” So go to brunch on a lazy Sunday morning. Or better yet, play hooky! You deserve it!